A strategic solution for times of turbulent change.

What is RiskRecon?

RiskRecon brings together unique knowledge and experience, to help solve challenges decision makers, and organisations, experience as a result of the hyper-complexity, and uncertainty, that characterise contemporary market conditions.

In response, RiskRecon provides a spectrum of unique, and specialised executive consulting services anchored in social, economic, political, local- and global market risk-opportunity analysis.

RiskRecon aims to empower clients with strategies, information & analysis, specialised research, and comprehensive advice with the goal of overcoming uncertainty. The goal is to turn emerging risks on their head, and into opportunities. As outlined in our Services & Solutions, RiskRecon offers much more.

The RiskRecon ‘difference’

RiskRecon understands that local and global business, non-governmental organisations, and state entities require cool heads, creative/adaptive thinking, and a fresh approach to understanding complex socio-political, and economic dynamics that impact on strategy, operations, and ultimately delivery/success.

RiskRecon revolutionises risk analysis by accepting that the turbulent twenties of the twenty-first century ushered in a period of sustained systemic disequilibrium, accompanied by myriad asymmetric risks, conflicts, and fault-lines emerging. 

To this end RiskRecon developed a new, and revolutionary approach to risk analysis, focused on four dimensions of market realities.

This means RiskRecon’s ability to understand operational environments, market dynamics, policy and regulatory environments, societal trends, political phenomena, and how these impact on organisations and businesses, is its distinguishing feature. In uncertain times, decision makers require fact driven, incisive, and strategic support – this is what RiskRecon can offer you.

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